V Days of History, Hermetic Philosophy and Symbolic Heritage

FEBRUARY 16, 2021

On February 20th, the V Days of History, Hermetic Philosophy and Symbolic Heritage will be issued online on facebook of the Municipal Libraries of Oeiras.

In these “Days”, specialists in the fields of research of history, philosophy, literature, anthropology and studies of religions will focus and reflect on the tradition, prophecy, myth and utopia(s) of the V Empire, in its diversity of connotations and developments, seeking to understand and answer various questions.

Is it about affirming the literalness of prophecy and myth? From an imperialist dream? From a nationalist project?

Or, on the other hand, is it an allegory, a symbol of a spiritual and universalist vocation, that of “being everything”?

What can this notion of The Empire mean today as a people mobilizing agent? And in what directions?


10:30 am – Opening:

  • Rui Lomelino de Freitas: Gnose, Esotterism and V Empire: Scientific and Epistemological Issues

  • Paulo Mendes Pinto: V Empire: Challenges and Contemporary Uses

11:30 am – Table 1

  • Miguel Real: The cosmopolitan views of the V Empire in Pe. António Vieira and Fernando Pessoa.

  • Fabrizio Boscaglia : The V Empire and Islam

14h00 – Table 2

  • Nuno Gonçalves: The meta-historical archetype of the Empire, the nostalgia of the impossible and the vocation to universality

  • José Eduardo Reis: The utopia of the V Empire or the principle of reason of hope

15h15 – Closing Conference:

  • Paulo Borges: Divine eruption and deconstruction of civilization: a new reading of the V (non-) Empire