Welcome to GLSP – Grande Loja Soberana de Portugal, the new Portuguese Masonry! We are a Masonic initiatory body that works regularly according to the universal landmarks.



Soberana is a new and modern way of living Freemasonry, prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century, anchored in history, but aimed at understanding how universal Masonic values can flourish and make sense of the most important philosophical questions of our time.

The Sovereign practices the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, the York Rite, and the Portuguese Rite, and has Lodges spread throughout the country. We train Freemasons, who are Freemasons every day, and who do not forget the oath they took to become better men. Freemasonry is therefore the “Gymnasium of the Soul”. In Soberana we don’t create disciples, we form Masters!

Our Mission



Solidarity is sharing. Only Brotherly Love can be divided and yet multiplied. We are not a Charity institution. Our desire is to help others to help themselves. As the popular saying goes, we prefer ‘teaching to fish, rather than giving the fish’.


Understood in the holistic sense, we advocate an education for leadership, accountability, citizenship, and example. The act of educating is for us a function of the one who learns and not the one who teaches. We will be agents of the awakening of consciences.

Grand Master

A New Freemasonry.

I strongly believe that all states are temporary, nothing is immutable, nothing remains static. Nothing is written, we choose our future. How we make it happen depends on us and our dreams and restlessness.

SOBERANA has a unique way of being and feeling.

Our DNA is refined in the inspirational constellation that are our committed and loyal workers; in the men and women who give us the honor of accompanying and following us, but mainly in our Homeland that we love and respect so much.

Paraphrasing Fernando Pessoa: “To be great, be whole! Nothing of yours exaggerates or excludes. Be whole in each thing, but how much you are into the least you do”.

Our society often questions the interest and the meaning of the existence of Freemasonry. The secrecy, the architecture of conspiracies, the protection and support of corruption, are, wrongly, some of the favorite targets of the vision about us freemasons. That is actually the antithesis of who we are.

Freemasonry, as the guardian of the values of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, has to pass its light and its wisdom to society and be ever closer to our fellow citizens.

At SOBERANA we try to instill in society the appreciation of what, after all, seems so evident, is not taken for granted.

We have always believed that hard work, integrity and resilience ultimately yield excellent results. We have done so, in building our Obedience.

In these first years of our history, we have fully accomplished the Herculean mission entrusted to us of creating and giving life, for the first time in the history of UNIVERSAL MASONRY, to the PORTUGUESE RITE.

We do it with brilliance, abnegation and perseverance, inspired in the noble and heroic deeds of our illustrious ancestors. The Portuguese Rite is there, full of symbology and Lusophone content, with a majestic liturgy and ritualistic, capable of standing up to the best of the best.

It will never be in its final version, because it is a dynamic and versatile work, prepared to be adapted to the Portuguese speaking countries, but ready to conquer its place in the Masonic world history.

The responsibility, the commitment and the nobility, to which the position that I will occupy in the next biennium oblige me, will in no way distance me from the detachment to power, similarly to my illustrious predecessor, great mentor, impeller and fellow fighter in the construction of our obedience.

I invoke the creator, so that he enlightens us in the conduction of our work inside and outside the temple, and that he always grants me, the wisdom, the good sense and the strength to be worthy of the honor that was given to me, with my choice for the conduction of our obedience in the next two years.

At SOBERANA, loyalty, gratitude, and secrecy are very important distinctives of our honor!

We will continue to dignify the name of Freemason, we will continue to innovate and make it happen in the New Portuguese Freemasonry where we are and will always be few, for so much that urgently needs to be built.

To you, whether you are in Portugal or in other geographies where Lusophony exists, who wants to reach other levels of knowledge and personal self-realization and who is a good Man, we will be here to receive you and make you a better man!

Abílio Alagôa da Silva

Grand Master of Grande Loja
Soberana de Portugal

Profane C.V.

Masonic C.V.

Past Grand Master

João Pestana Dias

2018 – 2020

Profane C.V.

Masonic C.V.

The Imperative of the Portuguese Rite


The symbolic complex of our myth-history, of decisive importance in the construction of the identity process of the Lusitanian soul, emerges as a field of unavoidable approach, requesting a deepening and diffusion implemented by our organizations.

By virtue, also, of the ecumenical value, inherent in such a complex, the need arose to implement the Portuguese Rite, capable of translating, in a condensed way, the specificity of being Portuguese, its spirituality, and its contribution for an eventual harmonization of a globalization process, which has been revealing itself as iniquitous and maladjusted. This, incidentally, has been addressed by countless authors since António Telmo, Cunha Leão, Dalila Pereira da Costa, Agostinho da Silva, Camões, Pessoa, Teixeira de Pascoaes and many more, in whose works the conceptualizations about the Fifth Empire and the Empire of the Holy Spirit, The Journey, The Longing, the Mare Tenebrum and the Finisterras, the Resurrection and the Eschatological or Salvific Redemption.

The Portuguese Rite, although not configuring a rupture with an exogenous tradition, believes it is possible to integrate its socio-historical and mythical references in the context of a Portuguese Masonry, assuming an invaluable contribution to Universal Masonry.

Do you want to belong to the new freemasonry?