The Sovereign was invited to the Hindu Community Day

JUNE 20, 2019

On June 16, the Grand Sovereign Lodge of Portugal was at Radha Krishna Temple, the headquarters of the Hindu Community of Portugal, at the invitation of its president, Shubeskumar Rameshchandra Prabhudas.

It was a unique opportunity to experience, on the day of the Hindu Community, what is the official religion of India and one of the oldest religious traditions that is historical record. It is the third largest religion in the world, losing in number of followers only to Christianity and Islam.

We recall that Universal Freemasonry, regular or traditional, is conducted by the sacred way, regardless of its religious creed, works in its Lodge under the invocation of the Grand Architect of the Universe, on the holy book, the square and the compass. The tolerated presence of more than one holy book on the sworn altar, reflects exactly the tolerant spirit of universal and regular Freemasonry.