The Grand Sovereign Lodge of Portugal supports Templarismo in Portugal

FEBRUARY 15, 2021

On Saturday 6 and 13 March, a Seminar entitled “For a Thoughtful Revisitation of the Temple and Templarism” will take place, organized by Manuel J. Gandra. See program and admission conditions:

Within the scope of it will be presented two new volumes of the TEMPÁRIO GUIDE OF PORTUGAL, expressly prepared for the occasion, with the purpose of addressing the theme in a reasoned and comprehensive way, as never before happened in Portugal. Old documents and information already stale will gain new contours during this seminar. Finally many surprises, unexpected, for those who think that the lode is exhausted.

Here is the Index of one of the two books mentioned that collects (in about 500 pages) information, in many cases, unpublished.

This and the other volume provided will become authentic Bibles (the BOOKS) for all serious and committed researchers of the Temple and Templarism in Portugal, providing not only the primary sources, and the documentary information accompanied by the respective quotas and references, but also new guidelines to achieve the understanding of the foundational texts and other non-archival sources until today disdained or simply dismissed as “myths” by the academy’s overrance.




Overall chronology

Bibliography of the Temple and Templarism Portuguese

History, Spirituality, Material Culture,

Corography and Heritage


From the beginning to the extinction of 1834

Fonts in Archives and Libraries

Lisbon Academy of Sciences

Royal Academy of Portuguese History

Braga District Archive

Archive of The Castle of St. Angelo

Archive of The Fintos Deeds

Historical Archive of the Ministry of Finance

Tombo Tower National Archives

Vatican Secret Archive

Help Library

Library of the University of Coimbra

Library of Congress (Washington)

Escorial Library

Tomar Municipal Library

Verdun Municipal Library

National Library of Portugal

National Library of Madrid

National Library of Paris

Évora Public Library

Notary of the Convent of Christ

Alcobaça Monastery Office

House of the Bookstore of the Convent of Christ

Ernesto Soares Center for Iconography and Symbolic

Almourol Templar Interpretation Center

Directorate General of The Public Treasury

Directorate General of Nationals Themselves

Ministry of the Kingdom

Museum of the Union of Friends of monuments of the Order of Christ

Bibliography until 1834

1. Chronicles and Memories

2. Regulations

3. Authors professed in or related to the Order of Christ

Bibliography of the Temple and Templarism Portuguese

History, Spirituality, Material Culture,

Corography and Heritage


From the extinction of 1834 to the present

The Templars and Templarism in Portuguese-speaking Literature and translated into Portuguese (14th-2021century)

Lyric Troubadour

Brittany Story and Cavalry Novels

Pastoral Novel

Historical Romance and Novelistic Prose

Opera and Theatre