Statement from the Grand Master concerning the War in Ukraine


The Sovereign Grand Lodge of Portugal hereby expresses its extreme concern regarding the state of war developing in Ukraine and affecting the whole of Europe.

We unconditionally condemn any military invasion which infringes on the territorial integrity of a Sovereign nation, and we therefore strongly repudiate the current violation of Ukraine’s borders by troops of the Russian Federation.

As a Universalist and regular Masonic Obedience, where the motto “Fraternity, Liberty and Equality” has always been the cry for democracy and against the overthrowing of governments by absolutist oppressors, we work tirelessly to develop and promote Peace along with all shared European principles and values, such as the primacy of fraternal dialogue over physical confrontation, the primacy of rights, freedoms and civic guarantees, and the absolute and inalienable respect for the value of Life.

We remain firmly committed to our support for the Ukrainian community, and we are ready to extend our humble supportive hand to the people of Ukraine but also to the people of Russia, who will be adversely affected by the imposition of heavy sanctions by several sovereign nations of Europe and from America.
Thus, we do not equate the fraternal and friendly people of the Russian Federation with the unfortunate and iniquitous actions perpetrated by its leaders.

This situation therefore demands our utmost serenity and caution, and we call upon our Russian Brothers to positively influence the decisions made in the Russian Federation and, consequently, to help put an immediate end to this unfortunate confrontation.

Having just arrived with the remaining members of our delegation from the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America in Milwaukee, USA – where the great importance of Freemasonry in the search for concord, prosperity, and freedom was exalted, but above all the Light that illuminates our journey as human beings.

Let us invoke the Great Architect of the Universe, so that Peace and common sense may always prevail in global leadership.
So be it!

Abílio Alagôa da Silva
Grand Master of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Portugal