Sovereign organized the 1st “Conference on Leadership”

FEBRUARY 22, 2020

The 1st Leadership Conference, organized by SOBERANO, took place on 20 February. A very topical theme in the troubled times we live in globally. It is the obligation of Freemasonry to bring to all ( Masons and society in general ) the themes that can Unite the Portuguese.

In a conference open to the public, there was a “full house” and the existing places were not enough for so much public, who sometimes thrilled attended one of the most interesting debates on FRATERNITY and HUMANITY, where there was talk of examples from Pope Francis to Nelson Mandela.

The guests were the theologian and biblist Friar Fernando Ventura and journalist António Mateus, author of the most recognized Portuguese television program “Olhar o Mundo” of RTP and man close to Mandela for many years. The next Conference will take place at the end of March. This Conference is available in full on the “SERIOUS SUBJECT” PODCAST of THE SOVEREIGN.