SOBERANA celebrates its 4th Anniversary

Today MMQQII:. on September 15, THE SOVEREIGN completes 4 years of existence.

4 years of hard work, challenges and struggles, selfless dedication but also many victories and hope. Hope that was never shaken, never tired and never let unbelief take hold of us.

Victories achieved and only possible by the commitment of so many who have joined us and who share our principles and values. So many of them, who have given up many nights from the comfort of home, to be by our side to cut the stone, to make history and to perpetuate our legacy.

The Sovereign, firm in her convictions of openness to society in a continuous way, has remained, remains and will remain committed to dignifying Freemasonry and honoring the good name of Freemasons.

Proud to be the New Portuguese Regular Freemasonry, we are in the first line of the best practices of Universal Freemasonry and we work on the Renaissance of the Masonic ideal with other international obediences, disseminating and highlighting our Rite Portuguese by the Lusophone world, or where there is an affirmation of our Portugality.

The future is there and the process of regeneration and detachment from power are still very much alive in the Sovereign’s DNA.

On October 8th, the great family of the SOVEREIGN will celebrate this anniversary and will install its new Grand Master. The Grand Sovereign Store of Portugal will begin its 5th Year of life with the light, strength and uniqueness that are recognized to it.


“Life is the hesitation between an exclamation and a question. When in doubt, there’s an end point.”

– Fernando Pessoa


Abílio Alagôa da Silva
Grand Master