Remembrance Ceremony at the Universalist Ecumenical Temple

It was last September 4th that, for the first time in the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Portugal and as dictated by the scrolls of our August Order, we celebrated the memory and evoked the spirit of our brothers who, having disappeared from the earthly plane, joined the Chain of Union that spans the ages. From this coming, it was up to RL:. General Gomes Freire de Andrade Nº7, conduct the Remembrance Ceremony that was erected for this purpose. In a unique moment and in a peculiar place that placed the Celestial Vault within our reach, the Rites whose purpose is to bring the Earthly closer to the Divine were thus fulfilled.

In Miranda do Corvo, more precisely in the Universalist Ecumenical Temple, the G:.A:.D:.U:. chose to offer us an immaculate night sky.

At the end of the day, at the height of the Occurrence, where practically only the silhouettes of the participants were visible, the mystique of the moment was only supplanted by the light of the egregor that, like a Halo, formed between the Brothers present and their guests. In the wind, certainly, the voices of those who opened their hearts are still there today. Here, it would be ignominious not to pay homage to our dear Brother Fernando Correia who, with his usual verticality and rigidity of Spirit, said the prayers that raised us far beyond the visible Kingdom, making us touch those who, even though no longer sharing the flesh with us, have not left us. To the sound of arias sung by soprano Carla Bernardino in a unique performance, the music of the spheres was sounded.

I dare say, however, that, above all, we were marked by the possibility of being able to share all these moments with those who mean the most to us. And how rarely does this opportunity arise in the Masonic life of all of us… To allow a fleeting glimpse of the Temple, covered, to those who have not yet passed the door that gives access to our mysteries.

On a personal note, I can only state what any Venerable Master in my position would certainly state – The terrible responsibility of perpetuating such a noble Initiatic tradition is only surpassed by the joy of the feeling of mission accomplished. In a much larger event that included a visit to the Mind Space, an ode to the liturgical dictates that govern the life of a Freemason, it marked a unique day that will certainly go down in history. In an atmosphere of pilgrimage and with an adventurous spirit, the Masons of the Grande Loja Soberana de Portugal chose to travel to this corner of the world, whose austere beauty and privileged position is dedicated to exalting Peace, Love, and ecumenism. They have thus immortalized the iron will that governs them.

From the brothers of the R:. L:. General Gomes Freire de Andrade, we are left with an enormous feeling of gratitude.

Remembering the words of his Patron, martyred for the sake of the values of Liberty: %22Die Free!%22 Certainly the General, being among the Brothers remembered at the Ceremony and sitting on the edge of the abyss of the Celestial Arch, looked at us with an invigorated spirit filled with thoughts of hope, auguring an auspicious future for our Obedience.

There we left our Rose.
That day will surely remain… The Saudade.

Ricardo Dias, Venerable Master of the R:. L:. General Gomes Freire de Andrade