Portugal celebrates 840 years today

MAY 23, 2019

Message from the Grand Master

Portugal celebrates today 23 May 2019, the anniversary of its existence, established as an independent community by The Bula Manifestis Probatum.

This is an evocative date of a very rich history (something mysterious too), of a Culture, of a Mystique, of a Spirituality that being unmistakable going through centuries, are nevertheless points of reference to the construction not only of a 1st Globalization, but also of an ecuménic scope, which unfortunately many do not know.

Implicit in a humanist vision “sui generis”, a way of Being and being before itself, things and the world, the meeting point of distinct mental universes, from the Longing to the admirable Resilience of a Diaspora, we learn to look at the “different” as a complement to the identical.

As Freemasons, the Portuguese rite, created by us, speaks of all this.

It speaks of love, speaks of a spirituality, of a condescension and solidarity availability, finally much of our identity is based on moral and ethical values, which the Portuguese Rite of the Grand Sovereign Lodge of Portugal, tries to evoke and sensitize, convinced that universal harmony in this way is realized.

As Fernando Pessoa said, the real Portuguese is not just Portuguese is… Universal.

Portugal has a lot to give Europe and Europe has a lot to gain from Portugal.

The European elections are therefore an act of Citizenship, which cannot and should not be foreign to the obligations of a Mason.

Whatever your party choice and political ideology, the whole Mason as a citizen has the duty to vote, maximum assumption of its fullness of citizenship.

We thank and ask the G∴A∴D∴U∴, the Light, Beauty, Strength and Wisdom possible, for this universal act of Love that is to be Portuguese!

João Pestana Dias
Grand Master of the Grand Sovereign Lodge of Portugal