Grand Sovereign Lodge of Portugal condecora the Templars

OCTOBER 4, 2020

The Grand Sovereign Lodge of Portugal commishes the Templars/OSMTHU (The Sumpremus Militaris Ordo Templi Hierosolimitani Universalis) with the Grand Cross of the Masonic Order of Bandarra.

The Sovereign created the award “Honorary Order of Bandarra” to mark the exceptional achievements for humanity, to people, institutions or the like, of a non-Masonic character.

Bandarra or Gonçalo Annes Bandarra was a 16th-century Portuguese shoemaker and prophet, author of messianic Thunder stumpers that were later linked to Sebastianism and Portuguese. The return of the Promised era, 5th Empire or was of the Holy Spirit, that is, the Universal Fraternity at the end of time. As a free thinker, Bandarra was persecuted by the Inquisition, but his vision of a future related to heavenly Jerusalem remained in time.

The Order of Bandarra was created to honor and honor the “non-Masons” who work with the same goals and Masonic vision, in the same initial and spiritual sense.