GRAND MASTER’S STATEMENT: Earthquake in Turkey

6 February 6023 was marked by the loss of some 2,500 Human Beings affected by a natural disaster that has endeared Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. The Grand Master of the Grand Sovereign Lodge of Portugal cannot remain indifferent to this enormous tragedy and, for this reason, expresses his deepest regret for what has happened, not forgetting that many of our Brothers (especially in Turkey) are currently suffering the effects of the earthquake, no home, no bread, no health, no work, losing family and friends and, of course, feeling – getting lost in the midst of such a calamity. Our thoughts go to them.

May the Great Architect of the Universe help you to overcome this day and may you be able to rebuild your lives and those of your friends and family! To the Lodges and Grand Lodges affected by the tragedy we express all our Masonic solidarity.

FERNANDO CORREIA (Grand Master of the Grand Sovereign Lodge of Portugal)

East of Portugal, on February 6, 6023