Course “Journeys Around the Message of person”

FEBRUARY 5, 2020

Trips Around the Person’s Message
The whole poem | All Keys
By Luis de Matos

“(…) There will be tears in space
Let them go the other way,
And that, one of them found,
Here, where there’s only sargasso,
A veiled island arises,
The lucky country
Who guards the destiture king,
In your enchanted life?”
in Mensagem, III The times – Third – Calm

Reading, meditation and explanations around the “Message” of Fernando Pessoa. Influences, purpose, work. The questions, the keys, the signs and the symbols.

This short (per)Course results from a first experience of revisiting the Major Work of Fernando Pessoa, the Message, in a course carried out in 6 magical places, dividing the work into 6 parts or matches. From this journey and return to the poem, resulted new reflections and “tears in space”, which we will try to reproduce.

An initial analysis of the Message. Three classes, three parts, three days.

• Course “Trips Around the Message of person”
• Duration: 8h (3 Sessions)
• Dates of realization: Lisbon 26, 27 and 28 February 2020
• Time : 19H00 / 21H30
• Location : Templo Portugal (Av. João Chrysostom 77 B, Lisbon)
• Individual registration: 65€
• Double registration: 95€
• 20% discount: Members of the Grand Sovereign Lodge and GPRDH, MEMBERS OF OSMTHU, +60 years, unemployed, students (with proof); Enrolled in the previous Course (“Sacred Geometry”)

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Luis de Matos is an author, writer and lecturer who has focused on the themes of Initiation, Hermeticism and Tradition, having published, among other works “Freemasonry Unveiled”, “Bestiary Masonic” and “Brief Memory On the Order of the Temple and Portugal”. Professionally he is a manager, working on technologies and information systems, with more than a decade of achievements in the areas of Digital Media, Video Games, iGaming and new technologies.