Course “Basic Elements of Sacred Geometry”

NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Sacred Geometry touches the light in latent code to the shapes, distances, forces, and energies of the Universe as we see and know it. It correlates the truth, harmony, beauty, rhythms and proportions of a visible and sensitive Work. From chaos removes the Order and the Order the Being. The place of the Eternal Observer at the center of an imaginary circle is Real, real and is realized. Therefore, to know the Sacred Geometry is to know the Being.

Over the course of 8:00 a.m. we will learn about the origins of world observation, how the Universal machine exposed its occlusive mechanism to men and how they built a model of the geometric universe. We will then see how the symbol infuses the imagination and how the inert and abstract trait comes to life when the operator ignites it from itself. From simple practical geometry to sacred geometry. China, India, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome… Fundamental knowledge for those who today really want to perceive the symbolic world that surrounds us.

• Course “Base Elements of Sacred Geometry”
• Duration: 8h (3 Sessions)
• Dates of realization: Lisbon 27, 28 and 29 November 2019
• Time : 19H00 / 21H30
• Location : Templo Portugal (Av. John Chrysostom 77 B)
• Individual registration: 65€
• Double registration: 95€
• Discounts: Members of the Grand Sovereign Store, +60 years old, unemployed, students (with proof): 20% discount.

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Luis de Matos is an author, writer and lecturer who has focused on the themes of Initiation, Hermeticism and Tradition, having published, among other works “Freemasonry Unveiled”, “Bestiary Masonic” and “Brief Memory On the Order of the Temple and Portugal”. Professionally he is a manager, working on technologies and information systems, with more than a decade of achievements in the areas of Digital Media, Video Games, iGaming and new technologies.