Advanced Training in Gnose and Western Esotterism

OCTOBER 12, 2020

Registration is open for Advanced Training in Gnose and Western Esoterism – 9-month Online Course (biweekly class on Thursdays) in online virtual classroom + teaching materials and study follow-up. Students will always receive the lesson recording.

This 3rd edition of the Training in Gnose and Western Esotism, which will begin on October 29, 2020, includes in addition to the scheduled classroom classes, the recording of the full course in video, pdf content, educational materials, thematic podcasts, monitoring of doubts by mail during the week.

The course – which does not require prior training – aims to provide advanced level training on the sources, contents and context of the spiritual, religious, cultural and scientific impulses that over time have been defined

About the teacher:
Rui Lomelino de Freitas is Coordinator of the Line of Research in Gnose and Western Esotthemism, in the area of Religion Science of the Lusophone University. Graduated in Philosophy and Science of Religions, he taught the disciplines of Western Esotericism, Gnostic Christianity, Hermetic Philosophy, Alchemy and Sources for the Study of Rosily and Freemasonry. Author of articles and publications on hermeticism and alchemy and the Rosicruz tradition. Organizer of the 1st Lusophone International Congress on Western Esotterism. He is currently a Member of ESSWE (European Society for the Study of Western Esoteriscism), which brings together universities, research centres and researchers with relevant work in the field.

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